Orthopedic memory foam pillows


Memory foam pillows were developed by NASA. The objective was to offer relief for astronauts undergoing G-forces and provides anatomic support. These materials respond to the heat of the body and mould around it. The pressure points are relieved and blood circulation is improved. The excellent therapeutic cushioning and support enables a good night’s sleep.



Most foam Orthopedic Pillows are made of memory foam that uses your body heat to mould to the unique shape of your head and neck for soft comfort. When you wake up refreshed, the pillow cools and returns back to its original shape. At the same time, it allows heat to dissipate, preventing “hot spots” from forming, which cause you to toss and turn at night. They also have two lobes of different sizes for custom neck support. They accommodate and stabilize injuries and conditions because they are ergonomically designed to hold the neck in the proper position. The pillow cradles the head, neck and shoulders with cozy cloud-like comfort. Foam Orthopedic Pillows alleviate neck and shoulder pain, keep your skin fresh and clear and are 100 percent hypoallergenic. These foam Orthopedic Pillows allow moisture to dissipate, which is good for arthritic conditions and for reducing skin irritation. It provides the precise spinal alignment needed to prevent sleep disorders and help sleepers who are struggling with them.
Orthopedic Pillow Memory Foam Pillows are naturally Hypo-Allergenic and benefits the allergy sufferer. We’ve also included zip-off soft washable cotton covers to make it easy to keep your pillow clean and fresh.
Cleaning and care for foam Orthopedic Pillows is relatively easy. You do not wash the pillows, only the provided pillowcase. If the pillow gets wet, gently twist it to squeeze out excess water and allow it to dry in a well-ventilated area until it is completely dry. Foam Orthopedic Pillows are the best way to sleep peacefully.


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