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Magic Linen is a product made in Austria especially for the hospitality industry. It is ideal for tablecloths, chair covers, aprons and skirting as it is stain resistant and has a life of about 5 years if looked after correctly.

Protects against stains:

The unique features of the Magic Linen tablecloths are that they are
finished with a special non-toxic FDA Approved wash that protects
against stains up to 10 times longer than a conventionally treated
fabric. Magic Linen fabrics protect against liquids such as red wines,
coffee or any beverage you can imagine. Food too is not a problem,
ketchup…sauces…jellies and jams…or for that matter just plain baby
food! It all dabs up with just a damp cloth in seconds…right before
your eyes. For the ultimate test see what happens to oil and butter!
Just warm water and a warm cloth, that’s it.

Easy cleaning:

For easy cleaning instructions just put into the wash in warm water
with a mild detergent on gentle cycle…again that easy. Because of
Magic Cloths special drying qualities place on the line or place into the
dryer on delicate for a few minutes. When the cycle is dry iron on
steam for a few passes and you are finished.
What better way to entertain your family and friends than with Magic
Linen tablecloths, perfect for the dining room or patio. You will never
need to worry about those messy spills again. Let the good times roll!

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