The Firestick Heater


Light up your venue!

Attract customers, create ambience, atmosphere
and a unique setting. Use all year round – as a heater in winter, as a lantern in summer, for ambience to create the perfect mood.




Strong + Portable
Stainless steel, aluminium + powder coated metal makes for an all enduring product, light + fully portable. Base wheels make moving the unit extremely easy.
Infrared Remote
Oh! So easy, one remote for several units. On, off, all three heat + flame settings at the press of a remote. Full manual control also available on unit.
The Firestick is 100% safe – for children and to the touch. The outside grid does NOT get hot. The unit has a built in tilt switch which turns the unit off should it be knocked over.
Approved by LPGA
The new magnificent out of the box design is already making The Firestick the world leader in outdoor portable gas heaters.
Economical to run
Heats approximatley 20sqm


Attachable Bar Table : Allows your guests to sit around The FireStick on bar stools or stand around and use the bar counter.
Menu Holder : If you wish to place your FireStick near the entrance, then you will want our attachable menu holder.
The Summer Hat : Facilitate the use of The FireStick during
warm periods as a lantern or mood setter without creating heat.
The Extra Large Hat : The XXL hat increases the disbursement
of heat.
The Stainless Steel Lock Downs : Elegant tie downs will keep
The FireStick in lockdown mode.
Cover : High quality fabric fully protective cover for storage.
Marketing + Advertising Panel : Ideal for promotions or specials.
Two base panels can be replaced with A2 size perspex
marketing windows.

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