ORGANIC – from Tierhoek


Apricot Jam 260ml


Peach Jam 260ml


Plum Jam 260ml


Quince Jam 260ml


Quince and Coriander Jelly 125ml

Plum and Cardamom Jelly 125ml


Dried Peaches – Peeled 150g

Dried Peaches – Unpeeled 150g

Dried Apricots 150g

Dried Plums 150g

Dried Apples 50g

Naartjie Bites 30g

Zooty Fruit (Mixed Fruit) 30g

Zooty Fruit Strip 125g

Mixed Fruit 100g

Sun-Ripened Dried Tomatoes 50g


Chocolate Naartjies – Box 50g

Chocolate Apricots – Box 100g


Dried fruit is packed in bio-degradable film bags

Jams are packed square jars – 12 per box

Jelly is packed in tall, round jar – 12 per box

Dried Plums, Peaches, Apricots, Mixed Fruit – 10 bags per box

Dried Tomatoes, dried apples and naartjie crisps – 12 per box

Zooty fruit – 24 per box

Minimum order is five boxes – can be mixed

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