The Beyers Baking & Confectionery Range


We have been appointed the distributor for Kees Beyers Chocolates. These are the most famous and incredible Belgian chocolates, made here by a very experienced Belgian chocolatier.

There will be a chefs choice – which will be sent to your chefs and F & B managers. This is for chocolate used in the kitchen to make cakes and puddings. Also available for the restaurants seasonal chocs i.e. Valentines day – Easter – Mothers Day – Secretary’s day etc etc…

Then there will be the housekeeping department turndowns…. and prestige gift boxes for the executive rooms, honeymoon suites and VIP guests – as well as small slabs suitable for the mini-bar.

There are a number of printed options available – i.e. Goodnight, S.A. flag etc.

The chocolates can be personalized – so they can have their own logo on a chocolate slab on their pillows

There is also an option that the establishment can have a retail stand in their reception area where guests can purchase chocolate – see second picture.

Product Catalogue.pdf
Product Catalogue.pdf



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