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The Peanut Gallery would like to encourage all our clients to consider the environment when purchasing for their hotel/restaurant.There are many ways that you can ‘Do Your Bit’ to help and we would like to make the following suggestions:

All our hotels who are near any of the airports, start campaigning for controls on the number of night flights, to ensure that people who live near the airports can get a decent night’s sleep.

Shops in the hotels use ‘compostable’ bags for wrapping gifts etc. Once the bag is thrown away, (which it will be!), they decompose in 45 days in a composting site.

Make sure that your amenity supplier uses ONLY raw materials derived from botanical sources.

Save money – and the planet at the same time by not using soap powder or fabric softeners in the laundry – see our fabulous Biowash Ball.

Restaurants – send out leftovers and takeaways ONLY in biodegradeable food containers – with wooden knives and forks instead of plastic ones.

Bamboo beds are:
Anti-allergenic, fresh and dry, Cool to touch, environmentally friendly, Hygienically pure, Soft and silky, Amazingly strong, permanent freshness, Additive free.

Have your letterheads, business cards and gift tags printed on paper that is impregnated with seeds. This way, once you have finished with it, you can plant it!

Can you imagine an old plastic car part being recycled into a pen? – or an old tyre recycled into a mouse-pad? No? Think again!

The Peanut Gallery is continuing the fight against Global Warming – and have added some fabulous products to our range.

Here you will find promotional items, natural cotton clothing, recycled paper and gift cards impregnated with seeds (how wonderful?!), recycled waste sorting bins, biodegradable soaps and shampoos and detergents, packaging and so much more

We welcome you to join us in trying to save energy, re-use, recycle

If you would like other suggestions, or in fact if you have any suggestions to offer that we can add to our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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