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When the average guest is on the road, he or she is not going to the hotel gym to necessarily bulk up. Instead, guests are focused on keeping up with the physical routine they follow when at home, which for many travelers involves more than just lifting weights, and often involves classes such as yoga and Pilates.
Hotels are catering to these needs by introducing more and more empty or open space in their fitness centers, and sometimes even an adjacent classroom space if possible. The hotels understand that some guests are choosing brands based on fitness facilities, and are upping their ante on fitness design.

Most hotels are pushing for 700 to 750 square feet of space for fitness facilities, with 500 square feet being the absolute minimum and fitness-focused properties pushing the limit to at least 1,200 square feet. It becomes an urban or non-urban question, with urban being the hardest to fit a large fitness center in.
In order to make room, some hotels are dropping old amenities that have gone out of style, such as saunas, Jacuzzis and other high-cost fixtures with no return and a reduced ability to draw guests in.

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