BIOWASH the ‘ORIGINAL’ intelligent choice to detergent free laundry

The BIOWASHBALL is a green washing /laundry ball composed of natural rock minerals which contain TM – Effective micro organisms that work synergistically. These are contained in a plastic non-toxic sphere with only natural pigment for colour, which makes the BIOWASHBALL 100% recyclable after the three year period of intensive use.


Hypo-Allergenic – and registered as a medical product in Switzerland
Contributes to your well-being – Ni side effects due to detergent residue on your linen, clothing and skin.
Antibacterial – Eliminates pathogen germs
Economical – Eliminates the use of detergent and softener
Electricity savings – effective in cold water, washing at 50 degrees C maximum for all lines, even whites.
No foam – No rinsing cycle needed. Reduce washing program on washing machine and save water and power
Ecological & Environmentally friendly – Without phosphates, it protects water, ground water system, sensitive eco systems, rivers and oceans from chemical pollution
Safe for recycling – of grey water and safe to use in Biolytic developments
No packaging waste – which contribute to landfills and global warming.
100% safe – for animals, children and the environment.

How It Works
The BIOWASHBALL has the ability to break the water surface tension which gives water a high penetration capacity and improves its washing properties. It weakens the adherence of dirt on fabric by emitting negative ions which attach to the dirt particles which is positively loaded.

Life Span
It can be used for three years on the basis of one 4.5Kg laundry load per day. This is an average of 100 washes. Over 4.5 Kg of laundry per washing machine, use 2 x Biowashballs.

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