Good afternoon,

After having used your magic linen now for almost six months I must confess that my initial scepticism was short lived and that your product certainly made a difference.

Not only are we saving on laundry and ironing costs but it makes it so much easier to reset and clean tables when patrons leave and we have to prepare for the next customers . Just a decent wipe and stains are gone.! We save on time and customers are sometimes saved from embarrassment when there is accidental spillage on table cloths.

Red wine used to be a killer when spilled and tables had to be reset immediately. Now, the waiter simply wipes the spillage away, and walla….. the table cloth is clean, often to the surprise of the customer saving him or her the embarrasment of waiting for the table to be reset while still eating.

This product is certainly an asset and made a huge difference to our day to day operation.


Piet Van Coller

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