Travelling Teenagers

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With the growing number of teenagers travelling – it seems that their expectations are much higher than the older guests. The Peanut Gallery will keep you up to date with the latest trends for “young adult” travelers.

First Trend!

A hotel in Mexico is courting families with teenagers with a new “Teens Room” by Playstation which aims to give teens an escape and parents a little freedom.

The “Teen Room” offers an interactive   multi-sensorial experience for visitors ages 10 -17.

Activities include go – kart races –weekly dancing contests, sport sessions and the classic arcade action on single or multiplayer mode. Additionally, five wireless Playstation Vita consoles aim to get teenagers outdoors. The blue and violet room is outfitted with Playstations  3 consoles  wireless controllers  hooked up to Sony televisions Finally the Playstation move Control and Playstation  Eye camera allows teenagers to play in real time.

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