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Brass is back, embracing technology is in and overindulgence is very, very out.
Those are highlights of the trends that will be seen around the globe among luxury hotels opening in 2015 (and in some existing luxury hotels as well).
Hotel industry experts say use of bold colors, a focus on health — in building and room design and in service offerings — will also be major themes in the coming year.
“The wellness travel economy is quite robust and very trending,” says Susie Ellis, president of Spafinder Wellness, which for the past dozen years has produced a Wellness Trends Report that includes detailed research about the latest in hospitality and travel. “Instead of the idea ‘Here is your hotel and you can go to the spa or to the gym,’ wellness is infused throughout the entire hotel.”
One vivid example, says Ellis, is Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. While not a new property, the Grand is on the cutting edge with an entire floor of Stay Well suites with air purification to reduce allergens, toxins, smoke and microbes from the air; healthy energizing lighting designed to reduce jet lag and regulate circadian rhythm; and vitamin C-infused water in showers to neutralize chlorine, keeping skin and hair soft and smooth.
Another element of the trend taking shape will be hotel rooms that include such things as exercise equipment and space to practice yoga.
“People are just very stressed and don’t have a lot of time,” Ellis says. “Twenty-four/seven connectivity is ratcheting up the stress level, so the need to de-stress and improve wellness is fueling this trend.”

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